Grandson Music Quiz

Grandson Music Quiz

The new Grandson Music Quiz, updated to include his latest album ‘Death of an Optimist’!

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Get Ready to test your knowledge in the Grandson Music Quiz!

Grandson Music Quiz

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Questions List:

  • What was grandson’s debut EP called?
  • How many full-length grandson albums are there?
  • What was the first single off ‘Death of an Optimist’?
  • Where did grandson grow up?
  • What is the final track in ‘Death of an Optimist’?
  • ‘Apologize’ was the first single off which grandson EP?
  • Which grandson song was featured in the video game NHL 19?
  • What is the name of grandson’s alter-ego in ‘Death of an Optimist’?
  • Which grandson song is a cover of a Bob Marley song with the same title?
  • Which grandson song is a cover of a Rage Against the Machine song with the same title?


  • grandson has released three EP’s: a modern tragedy vol. 1, vol. 2, and vol. 3.
  • grandson released his debut album ‘Death of an Optimist’ on December 4th, 2020.
  • The first two singles from Death of an Optimist were Riptide as well as Identity
  • Jordan Benjamin attended a school located in the capital of Ontario, Canada.
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